Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to get discounted rates for our event?

 Lee County Sports Organizing Committee is a local not for profit group of accommodation partners and hospitality businesses and works with all of the hotels in the Lee County area all year long and assist players and their families with lodging for 70+events each year. The hotels give the best discounted rates to LCSOC to ensure the tournaments keep coming to our area. LCSOC works with all major hotel chains, and since all of their staff live in Lee County they regularly inspect all of the hotels so they can share their knowledge about amenities of all hotels, things to do in area, great local restaurants, and distance from the hotels to all of the sports facilities, fields and beaches!  





When can we book our rooms ?
You can book your rooms as soon as your team has submitted its application to the tournament. Keep in mind that the earlier you book, the greater the hotel availability and likelihood of getting room preferences. Hotel space is allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. You will want to make sure of your team's final acceptance and participation prior to your hotel's group cancellation deadline in order to avoid any cancellation penalties.



How do we book our rooms ?
The booking process is very easy:

  1. Review Hotel Choices
    The Team Manager or Travel Coordinator reviews the list of Tournament Hotels and selects the team's top hotel choices.
  2. Request Team Hotel
    The Team Manager or Travel Coordinator then requests a block of rooms by completing the online "Reserve This Hotel" form which will tell us the team's name, travel dates, number of rooms needed, etc. You have only requested hotel rooms at this point; no confirmed reservation has taken place.
  3. Team Block of Rooms 
    Lee County Sports Housing will check availability at the team's top hotel choices and email the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator a Letter of Reservation. At this point, the assigned block of rooms is on a courtesy-hold while the remaining steps below are completed. If there was no availability at your team's top hotel choices, Lee County Sports Housing will email the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator with other hotel possibilities.
  4. Rooming List w/Credit Card Guarantees
    Once a block of rooms is assigned to your team, a credit card will be needed to guarantee the rooms. The team will have a Rooming List deadline to do this by. The team can submit the credit card guarantees in one of three ways (you can only choose ONE method for the entire team):
    1. One Credit Card Guarantee - the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator can guarantee all of the rooms with one credit card number. You will still need to provide individual names for each reserved room. Please use the "Submit Your Team Rooming List" form found on the Tournament Hotel web page. Later on, you can swap in parent credit card details.
    2. Team Rooming List - the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator needs to collect and then provide Lee County Sports Housing with the guest names, travel dates, preferred room type, credit card numbers, and expiration dates for each room. Please use our "Submit Your Team Rooming List" form found on the Tournament Hotel web page.
    3. Parent - each parent can submit their own guest name, travel dates, preferred room type, credit card number, and expiration date by completing our online "Reserve A Room Under Your Team's Block" form found on the Tournament Hotels web page.

Please note that after this Rooming List deadline, any non-guaranteed rooms will be automatically released back into inventory for resale to other teams.

  1. Confirmed Reservations 
    Lee County Sports Housing will submit your team's rooming list to the hotel. The hotel will provide Lee County Sports Housing with confirmation numbers and we will promptly email these to the Team Manager or Team Travel Coordinator. Once confirmation numbers have been obtained, your rooms are confirmed bookings.



What if my team wants a hotel that is not on the Tournament Hotel List ?
Please phone us toll free (888) 529-6588 and we will check in the area to try to find exactly what your team wants.



How do I know which hotel to choose if I don't know on which fields my team is playing ?
Since this field information is often not released until much closer to the tournament start, we suggest that you select a hotel that has the amenities your team desires. Also, we give general guidelines for distance to the tentative field locations. You may want to choose a hotel that is convenient to any field location. If the hotel ends up too far from your field venue, Lee County Sports Housing will do all they can to switch your hotel to one closer to the fields. From our experience, though, teams are most happy with a hotel having amenities that match their needs--even if the distance is farther than they would have hoped for.



How do I know how many nights to book if I don't know the time of my team's first game ?
Since game schedules are often not released until much closer to the tournament start, we suggest that you select check-in dates that match your willingness to get up early to drive to a potential early-morning game. Thus, if you don't want the chance of an early morning drive, then make sure to book a room for the night before your first game. If it turns out that you don't need this night and the hotel cancellation policies allow, we can try to cancel your first night after games schedules are posted.






Group Blocks & Room Type Preferences



How many rooms can a team block ?
We do not impose a limitation on the number of rooms a team can block--neither a maximum nor minimum. Please remember that other teams need rooms, too. Also, keep in mind that most hotels will require a minimum of 10 rooms to keep the group room rates. Otherwise, they may choose to charge their normal non-group rates. Since we are booking teams for the entire tournament, there is a good chance that the combination of teams at the hotel will meet this 10-room minimum.



What if I want a different room type than those listed ?
Please phone us toll free 888-529-6588 and we will check with hotel to see what other room types are available and at what group rates.



Can I make special requests ?
Yes, you can make special requests and room preferences (e.g. high floor, non-smoking, connecting/adjoining, roll away, bed configuration, etc). Please remember that these are simply that...requests and preferences. The hotel will make every effort to accommodate your requests and preferences, but they are not guaranteed.






Making Room Reservations & Guest Players



Can I just submit my team's Rooming List to make all room reservations ?
Absolutely. Please use our Rooming List form so that we get all the information we need to make the reservations.



Alternatively, can each parent make their own individual reservations under the Team's block of rooms ?
Once a block of rooms is assigned to your team, you can elect to have parents make their own reservations--rather than submit a team rooming list. You will be emailed a link to a secure web page where parents can submit reservation information and credit card guarantee. Parents should be instructed NOT to phone the hotel with such information.



How do I know which parents have made reservations under the Team's block of rooms ?
You will be emailed a link to a secure web page which will show the parents who have submitted their reservation details to us. This page will be updated as parents make their bookings. Keep checking it !









Payment & Individual Parent Guarantees



Are the credit cards provided by the parents charged at the time of booking ?
Generally, rooms are held with a credit card guarantee. If a guest cancels his reservation after the cancellation deadline or does not check-in at the hotel (called a no-show), then the hotel has the right to charge the credit card.



Can I guarantee the group block with my credit card and then switch to parent credit cards later on ?
Yes, and this is the fastest way to get confirmed room reservations with confirmation numbers. Parents can then submit their credit card information to us (NOT the hotel) and we will swap this info for yours. We will email you a link to a secure web page which will show the parents who have made the switch. This page is updated continuously, so keep checking it to make sure that any unwanted rooms get canceled before hotel cancellation penalties are charged. Please note that the credit card on file with the hotel at check-in will be the one charged a penalty if the reservation is a no-show, if the room is canceled after the cancellation deadline, etc.



What if Lee County Sports Housing doesn't have everyone's credit card information before the rooming list deadline ?
We will submit your Rooming List with as many parent names and credit card details as we currently have. We will also try to get an extension to the deadline from the hotel. The fewer "missing" parents, the higher the likelihood that the hotel will extend the deadline.






Hotel Cancellation, Changes & Other Policies



After the team's rooming list has been sent in, can changes be made ?
All changes to the rooming list must be made in writing or via our online Amendment Form. Please follow the directions and timeframe for making changes, being especially careful to make your changes in compliance with the hotel's change policy.



What is the last date for canceling reservations ?
Each hotel will have two types of cancellation deadlines:

  1. Group Cancellation - the hotel may charge a penalty if your entire team cancels its block of rooms after the group cancellation deadline. The penalty will be charged to each parent's credit card.
  2. Individual Cancellation - the hotel may charge a penalty if an individual cancels his own room reservation after the individual cancellation deadline or if his room cancellation exceeds the cancellation quota allowed. The penalty will be charged to the individual's credit card.

Both group and individual cancellation policies vary from hotel to hotel. The Letter of Reservation that the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator receives will give your hotel's specific policy. If you need further clarification of the cancellation policies and penalties of your team's hotel, the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator may phone the Hotel Contact provided in the Letter of Reservation. It is the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator's responsibility to understand these cancellation policies, get further clarification from Hotel Contact if needed, and to instruct the team of such policies.



What are the change, early check-out, and other policies of the hotel ?
Early departure, change/modification, and other hotel policies vary by hotel, too. This is why Lee County Sports Housing provides the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator with a Hotel Contact. You may ask this contact any questions, including those relating to hotel policies. It is the Team Manager or Travel Coordinator's responsibility to understand such policies so that you can relay them to your team and everyone can avoid any potential penalties being charged to their credit cards.



What is the damage policy of the hotel ?
The cost for repairs and/or extraordinary cleaning that is required as a result of your team will be the sole responsibility of the team and/or the parent/chaperone of the guest who caused such damage. The charges will be presented to the appropriate person and added to their credit card.



It is requested that all teams stay in approved lodging reserved thru Lee County Sports Housing to ensure a great hotel experience. Lee County Sports offers a hotel hotline so to make reservations easy. They work with all types of accommodations from economy style motels and Inns to full service hotels, suites or even beachfront condos. You can call toll free 1-888-529-6588 to book your rooms or reserve your rooms here online! They will work with your team's budget, preferences and game sites to find the best hotel fit for you.

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